The Plan

The test I took to find out I had DNA fragmentation wasn’t common. The test I took to figure out what was causing the DNA fragmentation wasn’t common. What we did to fix the DNA fragmentation wasn’t common. Knowing that so many people struggle with pregnancy loss and knowing how little information there was on our issue, I have put together an e-book outlining our story, our problem, and our solution. I cannot recommend what we did enough. The problem and the solution transcend fertility issues and speak to so many of the ailments people have. As I’ve mentioned, what was infertility for us could be cancer for another.

The e-book outlines everything we did; all of the environmental changes we did (eliminating certain toxic soaps and shampoos for example), and also discusses the nutrition plan that we followed. I will be updating this page so people can automatically get to the e-book and nutrition program. For now, if you want the e-book and/or the nutrition plan, or you just want to reach out with questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.