What To Do?

Now that we knew the problem, step two was fixing it. This was easier said than done. Our reproductive specialist didn’t seem to think it was possible to fix the issue; one of the first things he told us when we discussed our test results was that we should start thinking about a sperm donor. I had already done enough research on my own to know that he was wrong. Between that research and the help our holistic doctor we realized that with the right nutrition and the right environmental changes there was hope. We needed to stop the chemical exposure that was causing the problem. Beyond that we needed to consume a cleansing, anti-oxidant rich diet.

We changed our nutrition. We changed our environment. Two months later my wife was pregnant and this time we got to experience the joy of being parents. Our baby boy was born and he has been everything we dreamed he would be.1538834_622410617892965_1159930757132391282_n